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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well, I guess I need to start smoking crystal meth. That's what all the moms do these days when they want to lose weight, right ( according to my local ABC affilaite's "expose" cover story)?

I went to see Master P yesterday and although we had a relatively pleasant conversation about how to treat medication resistant bipolars, and SoCal cult activities like Synanon and their attendent tragedies ( he's seen it all, that man, I must say. Gotta love a doctor like that...), we did take a short detour into discussing my medication regime ( as that was techinically what I was paying him for). Nothing new, nothing exciting, I just asked if one of my meds ( Neurontin, for anxiety and stabilizing moods) could be causing me to eat more, because after I take it, I crave sweets. He informed me that some people get that with the drug, and THEN informed me it wasn't JUST that it made me more hungry, it actually slowed my metabolism.

Great. Just great.

Of course I'm not going to stop taking it, since it WORKS and I finally found a combo that works, and I'll damned if I'm going to screw with it. But since he's just basically informed me that this particular drug is one that will make me FAT if I'm not careful , I'm not thrilled. Granted, I've been taking it for almost 3 years now, and I've certainly lost and gained and lost weight in that time, I have noticed that it isn't like it used to be. I'm older, too, so that is also a factor, but let's just say I didn't need the additional roadblock. Dammit.
In a funny ( sort of), ironic twist, the OTHER drug I take, ( Effexxor, the antidepressant) makes people LOSE weight. It inhibits appetite ( and in another ironic twist, it also has the fun side effect where if you don't eat you become even more of a raging asshole than you might normally. Trust me on that one.) . So perhaps I'm just hanging here in the middle and it's really all on ME, after all.

Nah. That would mean I might actually have to start eating better and excersizing more.