Not In Kansas Anymore...

Click your heels, and see if home is where you hang your hat, or somewhere else inside yourself as this simple, postmodern girl takes on L.A.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In leiu of bitching about how miserable I am once again, because it's SUMMER ( although, please note I went to see Master P on Friday for a check-in and for the third summer in a row since I've had the man as my physician, complained to him about this reverse SAD thing. Surprisingly, he actually seemed to acknowledge it as a legitimate thing-- seems he has another patient who's similarly miserable-- and offered to tinker with my meds. I declined simply on the basis of "what's to be done that won't be miserably undone later?", to which he had to concede. On the upside, I don't have to feel guilty about all those donuts.).....

I offer you a funny questionnaire that was offered to me last week. The premise is that you only use song lyrics to answer. It's not as easy as it seems, but the results are always entertaining. And aren't I here to entertain, enlighten, annoy? Why yes. So let us proceed:

1.) Beverage?
Black, black coffee in bed....( "Black Coffee In Bed", Squeeze)

It's like a heatwave, burnin' in my heart....( "Heatwave", Martha and the Vandellas)

3.)What happened last night?
Sleep/Sleep tonight/And may your dreams be realized. ("MLK", U2)

4.)What do you do?
See I'm all about them words/ Over numbers, unencumbered numbered/Words/Hundreds of pages pages pages full of words.... ( "You and I Both ", Jason Mraz)

5.) What are you wearing?
Who'll notice that I'm not around?/ I could hide out under there/ I just made you say 'underwear' "... ("Pinch Me", The Barenaked Ladies)

6.) Today?
Got up, got out of bed/Dragged a comb across my head/ Found my way downstairs and drank a cup/ And looking up, I noticed I was late/ Grabbed my coat and found my hat/ Made the bus in seconds flat/ Found my way upstairs and had a smoke/ And somebody spoke and I went into a dream....ah...... ("A Day In The Life", The Beatles)

7.) Relationship status?
Look for the girl with the broken smile/And ask her if she wants to stay awhile/And she will be loved/And she will be loved. ("She Will Be Loved", Maroon 5)

8.) Words for your ex?
I'm going home/gonna load my shot gun/Wait by the door and light a cigarette/He wants a fight/Well, now he's got one/ He aint seen me crazy yet....I'm gonna show him what little girls are made of/Gunpowder and lead. ("Gunpowder and Lead", Miranda Lambert)

9.) Where are you from?
Well, I'm from/ a map dot/ a stop sign on a black top/ I took the first bus I could hop from there/ Now all of this glitter is getting dark/There's concrete growing in the city park...("Where the Green Grass Grows", Tim McGraw)

10.) Describe yourself?
She was a long cool woman in a black dress....( "Long Cool Woman", The Hollies)

11.) Drugs?
The more I drink, the more I drink/I'm the world's greatest lover and a dancing machine/I get loud/I get proud/And it gets worse/ If I have one, I'll have thirteen/Oh, there aint no in between/The more I drink.....the more I drink! ( "The More I Drink", Blake Shelton)

12.) Pets?
Black cat sittin on a front porch fence/Aint got enough dough to pay the rent/He's flat broke but he don't care/He'll strut right by with his tail in the air! ("Stray Cat Strut", The Stray Cats)

13.) What do you drive?
She's my little deuce coupe/You don't know what I got.... ("Lil' Deuce Coupe", The Beach Boys)

And if that weren't enough, here's one more:

1. what are your three best dishes you cook
  1. Thanksgiving stuffing and the fixin's

  2. Potato soup from scratch

  3. Blueberry pie

2. three books you can/have read over and over

  1. the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer

  2. The Little House books

  3. The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera

3. three favorite bands from the 80's

  1. Duran Duran

  2. U2

  3. Til Tuesday

4. if there was never TV ever again, which three TV shows would you require the complete seasons of on DVD?

  1. Buffy/Angel

  2. Designing Women

  3. Laverne and Shirley

5. three things you always wanted as a kid/teen but never got?
  1. A NEW car with a cool stereo

  2. A trip to shop at the Limited, price be damned

  3. My artwork taken seriously by my parents/"Yes you can apply to The Art Institute of Chicago

6. what are the first three body parts you wash in the shower?

I don't know? Um....Id have to really pay attention. Usually I'm so tired I just go through the same automatic routine that I've been doing since puberty.

7. three cities you've never been to but want to go to

  1. London

  2. Paris

  3. Sydney

("NewYork London Paris Munich Everybody talk about.....Popmusic"...sorry, I couldn't resist :P !)

8. three favorite smells

  1. Chocolate Chip cookies baking

  2. Cinnamon rolls/vanilla

  3. The scent of the person you love/desire most- the best smell in the world.

9. three favorite colors

  1. Purple

  2. Silver

  3. Red

Til next post, compadres......