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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Big Bookseller Update:

Every woman who's heard my "just because I have ovaries" story at work has been giving me the high-five all week. In addition, even though my scheduling manager Mal made the argument that "studies show that mothers are x% times less likely to approach a male bookseller", he's not scheduled me ONCE back in Kids since I made the stink. As a matter of fact, he scheduled one of the GUYS back there when I was fully available. ( Said guy was unthrilled. Yeah, watch me weep. Welcome to my world, man.)

He's also been informing every woman that GETS assigned back there that we ARE hiring someone to specifically work Kids from now on who specifically requested it, and specifically, to relax.

Not that he's covering his ass. No. Not that I could sue. No. No. Of course not.

I wouldn't, but TEE HEE and HA HA. Suck on it!!! Woo!