Not In Kansas Anymore...

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More from my favorite actor and pundit, John Cusack on war, corporate contracts, mercenaries, the American economy, and the hoodlums currently in office ( and his new movie):

Sometimes, it just shocks me I was involved with someone in that position directly and so intimately. The more I know, the more I understand, and the less I have words to even explain how I feel about it. The whole picture for me on a larger level, that is, in my political, social justice self, is full of a shock and outrage. On a personal level, it's kind of a sick feeling in my gut, and a bunch of "ugh" feelings; shock and horror and pity and sympathy and rage and disbelief at my naivete, and certainty of my choices to LEAVE. That's about as good as I can express it.

I suppose that is where the root of this interest comes from, not JUST from the political self, obviously, although anyone who knows me knows it's a pretty strong part of who I am, anyway. But because of the personal side, it's more and more invested. It probably should have been without my personal experience.

But consider it something learned: now I'm paying attention for all sorts of reasons: all those parts of myself, plus the part of myself that forgot that this kind of artmaking is essential to the existence of art itself. It's not the sole reason to make art; art functions and serves on many many levels and for many reasons. It's ONE reason. It happens to be a reason I'd misplaced.

Leave it Mr. Cusack to remind me, as all of my favorite artists do. I appreciate that. I hope his film kicks the current trend of war films bombing at the box office. I hope it does what he made it to do: to enlighten and entertain and make us think.

Even if it doesn't, it's good it was made anyway. Sometimes you make things and you feel like you're yelling into the void. I'm an eternal optimist: a drop in the bucket is better than nothing, and it adds to the world to have even bothered. For even if it's just YOU that's changed by making something, YOU interact with others, and they can be changed by being around you. We all affect each other. What's that South African word? Ombutu: we are always affected by the conditions of others. We bear responsibility, but we also bear light.

And so it is. Something to think about.