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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Okay, I've been holding back and holding back and trying to be nice, because otherwise I'd just seem kind of bitter and pissy, but I HAVE.GOT. TO SAY IT:

Nicole Kidman doesn't look any different pregnant than any average woman walking down the street who manages to eat three meals a day. She just looks NORMAL.

And her lips STILL look like she's making out with a blowfish regularly. WHY would you do that to your face? And MY GOD< KEITH< wake up!!! Does he not notice these things? Maybe he just doesn't care, which would be lovely and kind, but it begs the question. Seriously.

Plus, cosmetic fillers + pregnancy? Especially BOTOX? A biotoxin? I'm sure she was wise enough to quit her habit asap, but how long to filter out of her system? I shudder to think. (For the record I would feel terrible about it if something were wrong with her child, that seems unfair and awful for anyone. I'm just musing here though: if *I* were 40, and having a potentially high-risk pregnancy, would I still be using injectables??? Hell no! )

*Whew*. I feel better now.

For the record, let it be said, she looks happy, which she deserves after being with Mr. Non-Starter ( Tom) for so many years. HE looks happy, which he deserves for being him, dammit. I'm happy they're having a family and getting the life they want. Really.

She just rankles me as a public figure, and it rankles me that she's so untouchable in the press that NO ONE states the obvious. I can't be the only one who thinks or notices these things, or who is bothered by the whole Perfect People Who Must Never Be Profaned bullshit. I'm sure she and many others on that list have been mocked for less, so maybe they've earned a free pass on certain things, I don't know.

Man, some days, this whole celebrity culture make me want to vomit. Especially women, especially Women Who Have Been Ordained Otherworldly and Therefore Above Reproach like her, and ESPECIALLY pregnancies in Hollywood. Don't even get me started. Seriously.

I'm done now. Feel immensely better, too. Thanks!