Not In Kansas Anymore...

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm supposed to be writing an essay for this:

and the application is due Monday. I know what I want to write, but I'm feeling a bit unmotivated and rusty right at the moment, so I thought I'd write here first for a bit to get warmed up. I'm hoping this program is a good fit for me; it's supposed to be specifically tailored for people with mental illnesses to help other people with illnesses in the social work arena. As this is usually where, unfortunately, the system fails most people with illnesses, I'm happy to add my hard-won skills at navigating the system to anyone who needs it. As I said to Sassy the other day, "I do it all the time for free anyway, so why shouldn't I get paid for it?" Additionally, the program is supposed to pay for your attendance in their classes for 12 weeks. It's not much, but I figure the stipend couldn't hurt! At any rate, maybe I'll find a place where my outrageously detailed knowledge of crazy and so forth will actually earn me a halfway decent wage.

Nonetheless, it won't be for awhile. The program itself doesn't start untill Sept. 21 ( by then, I'm hoping to be well enough to handle the classes. I expect to be....). Right now, I need about $300 to fall out of the sky so I'll be able to pay my rent in August. I thought by now that the fine folks over at Social Security would have taken care of the little glitch that took one of my checks away, but hey look! It's the 26th of July and they have yet to DO it. (Guess where I'm going on Monday? It's a good thing my car liscence will be paid for by the beginning of August, because I might be living in it. We all know how Mom and Dad feel about supplementing any of Arnold's mistakes. ) I'm presently trying to think of all the ways I can make some quick cash that doesn't involve selling body parts ( attached or otherwise).

In other news, Rosalie is continuing her Trail of Destruction throughout the house, the one she began when she moved in 6 months ago ( she's now a year old! I can't believe it!). Now that the scratching phase is passed ( and the drapes in the LR are trashed, as is the cover on an upholstered trunk by the door, and the seats on the DR chairs), she's moved on to chewing things. Like cords and straps and so forth. Any hoodie or pant with a drawstring that may have been safe lying in a laundry basket ( or let's face it, on the floor; this is MY house, after all) is now ripe for the chomping and fraying. Any ponytail holder I may have left on a counter, sink or dressertop is not only a toy for endless amusement, but hours of chewy fun. And Friday, I woke up to find she had moved her way up to more irritating and problematic items: she chewed through the phone cord that was connecting the phone line to the cable box. And of course, it's not just any old problem that I can fix myself- oh no! The one cord she chose to gnaw through is the one that the cable guy was careful to thread UNDER the rug in such a manner that I can't even figure out how I might yank it out in order to replace it. She just happened to get the one loop of it that was sticking out from a seam. Now I have to call the cable company and have them make a special trip out to fix it, and then figure out how to prevent it from happening again when they do.

God, it's a good thing she's fucking cute.