Not In Kansas Anymore...

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Soooooo, had a toooootal meltdown last night about lack of job prospects. Then I realized, uh oh. It's that time.

It's time to go look for jobs in retail ( SfX: Screeech of horror in the background)!!!!!

I've been trying to avoid it like the plague, since my fucking back can't take it anymore after working for Satan's Flower Shop and the Christmas Car Wreck. But, as it stands, I just gotta suck it up, and hope Border's or something is hiring, because like it or not, I'm outta money and outta time. I have to have a job by the end of next week, or at the very latest, the end of next month.

It's actually not easy to FIND retail jobs out here, since every immigrant in the world wants them, because they're qualified for that in this country if nothing else. That's not meant to be a slur, it's just an unfortunate fact: just because you were a doctor in Bosnia, doesn't mean you're going to get to be a doctor here. It really sucks for them, and then it sucks for the native-born, too. You wouldn't think there'd be such competiton over crappy jobs but sadly, there is. I'm REALLY hoping maybe Macy's of Bloomingdale's needs to hire some cosmetic counter help ( I have nice skin!! If I can't parlay my education into a $10- $12 hour job, I might as well use that). I could wear a white coat and take home free samples....

Okay. So. Committed to the job hunt. Gonna get me a job next week if it kills me. Gonna keep it untill August is over if it gives me varicose veins. Gonna do it. Yeah! Go team!!

You betcha.