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Saturday, June 24, 2006

....AND FURTHERMORE.... ( I swear this is my last comment on this topic, I promise!)....I was watching E! News Weekend about Said Betrothal's details and it's like the whole world has got it all back-assward. They were going on and on and ON about all the hullaballo Down Under, fine, fine, when at the end they tack this deal about a prenup Nicole had drawn up. Apparently, she's worth like $150 mil or something ( certainly believable, I would say) and should she and Keith split, he'll get $600,000 a year for every year they'd been married. Okay. Sounds reasonable, right? Sure. But then Ryan "Meterosexual" Seacreast adds that to GET the $600,000, "Urban, a former drug addict, will have had to been clean the whole time."

And THAT was when I threw my shoe at the T.V. ( it was actually a slipper, so it didn't break anything).

FIRST of all, doesn't ANYONE do their fucking research? Apparently not. Because they clearly have no clue who he is, or anything about him, re: his own money! Hello, his last three albums went multi-platinum. He's got a Grammy, an American Music Award and countless others. I know he still dresses like he's been shopping in the thrift store, but the only people in Nashville who make more money than he does are Kenny Chensey and The Tim McGraw/Faith Hill Corp. I'm certain Nicole has far more bank, but it's not like if they ever split he'd have to go work at fucking Starbucks, okay? How stupid ARE the people at E! ? (Don't answer that.).

SECONDLY, the man has been sober for 7 YEARS now. I know,- from first hand experience, I might add- that you can never say you're "over" it. And I haven't been holding his hand for all that time, so I cannot comment directly on how the issue has or has not been gripping him. But for all intents and purposes, he's pretty open about all that. I've never heard him try and pretend he thinks he's "cured" when it comes up, and in fact credits his faith in a Higher Power for keeping him sober today. That's a good sign, about as good as you can get, as far as a Certain Number of Steps are concerned. He seems like a fairly stand-up guy in this area, or at least he's making the effort, and that's pretty damned good. Again, I happen to know this on a personal level!
But of course the implication was that this Keith Urban guy has this sordid, terrible history and ooooh! He's gotta stay clean if he's gonna keep Nicole! Can't you see the tabloids now? "Keith Slips and Nicole Is Crying!!" Arghhh! What about her crazy-assed, nutjob ex-husband marrying a woman half his age after knocking her up and belonging to a religion that asserts we're somehow connected to space aliens???? I assure you, Keith's gonna be the LEAST of this woman's problems, okay???

Sheesh. People are so stupid. And as promised, I have said what I have intended to say on the matter further. That is all.