Not In Kansas Anymore...

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Not much to report, for once. I have PMS, but it seems like those horrid, Post Plan-B days of being chock full of hormones that don't belong are over, finally. The Lexapro is back to keeping me normal during this week, and by and large, I feel okay. Master P and I have come to some conclusion about adding Lexapro in a tiny dose all the time, as I have been having no Seratonin Syndrome-like side effects, anymore, either, but have been experiencing motivation and a lift in mood ( see prior entry about bedroom floor).

It's been wicked cold here at night and FINALLY the Gas Co. guy came out to relight my pilot light on my old furnace, and FINALLY it's not freezing-ass cold in here anymore. What, with all these things going right, I just might pass out from all the excitement!

I shouldn't be complaining about cold too much, though: a record-breaking ice storm tore through the midwest late last week and left most of my friends and family without power. R's family retreated to a hotel, and he managed to call; I got a hold of DR right away, and my brother I figured was probably over at my parents' if he needed to be. Curiously, despite my father having a cell phone with a car charger, I had been unable to reach them til this evening. The story went a bit like this:

I get a hold of Brother this evening on his cell and while he lost power over the weekend, he's had it since Monday, and he's fine. He said mom and dad are okay, but still without power. I asked him, WHY IN GODS NAME haven't they turned on the cell phone, as I had been trying to call and see if they were okay? I could practically hear him rolling his eyes over the phone from here. He said he needed to get gas and was going out anyway so he would stop in and let them know to call. I get this call- ON THE LAND LINE???- from my mom, and she's all like, " Well, we're FINE," like I'm this big goober to have asked. And here's what's even more irritating: they were at a hotel -ostensibly with functioning power- the two nights before!

SO I left my dad this message on his cell phone, which he will pick up tomorrow probably and turn on:

"Hi Dad, it's your daughter. You know, when there's an area-wide power outtage, you might think to TURN ON your cell phone for more than 5 minutes at a time. Your daughter -or even others who care for you- might want to check in on you and make sure you haven't died or eaten the neighbors. Just a thought! Thanks!"


They're crazy, they're just fuckin' crazy.

Speaking of crazy ( don't you love my clever little transitions here?) I spoke with Therapist this evening on the phone and had a humorous exchange that went a little bit like this:

Her: "Um, so Master P. sent over some of your file today."
Me: "Oh, okay. Anything good in there?"
Her: "I wouldn't know. Could not read a SINGLE word ( starts cracking up)!"
Me: "Nothing? Not at all? Not even in context?"
Her: "Nothing."
Me: " Not even in syntax?"
Her: (Laughing) " Not even there. I had some other member of staff say, 'oh, let me try; I've done alot of this and spent some time in hospitals.' They couldn't even make it out. "
Me: "Not even words like 'depression' or 'upset' or even, 'nice shoes' or something?"
Her: "Not a single, solitary word."

I know she's telling the truth, because he has really, really bad handwriting. But doctors: known for that, right? So OH MY GAWD, how bad must it be?? He's a native English speaker, even! Finally I told her to call up his office manager and give HER the laugh of the day and have her translate it, because she's the one keeps up on his records.

Who needs help here, now, reaaallllY??? Hmm? An interesting question to be sure.

So that's my story for today and I'm sticking to it.....