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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stand Up and Cheer, Pt. 2...Oh, Wait.

2 root canals down, but upon closer inspection, Cute Endo ( did I mention that my endodontist is young, adorable, funny, and quite smart- like book read, not just medically smart. Although he is that too, and I'm getting top of the line care. He's also married. *Sigh*...anyway...back to the topic...) has discovered I need FIVE (5) root canals, not four (4).

There had been some dispute about this from the beginning, and he was holding out some hope that it could be repaired by just regular dentistry, and maybe that might be negotiated. But right now, we're taking the "To Be On The Safe Side With Your Insurance, Let's Assume that #3 is going to Go Down". ( I've learned how to count my teeth. Isn't that exciting? Well, I think it is. Now I can follow everything they say and I actually understand the x-rays. Cute Endo made time to show me everything and explain it in detail and answers all my Amateur Medical questions. Which makes makes him even more cute. *Sigh*. Anyway....once again, I digress...)

Personally, while I would prefer not to have a bunch of root canals, it was explained to me, that essentially by doing what is being done, he is effectively saving the tooth from extraction. He not only kills the nerves and the roots in the teeth by removing them, and cleaning out any infection, he then fills the empty shell with composite ( filling material), on top of which a crown is placed. This essentially makes an implant out of living bone that with care, will last for a good 15 years.

In leiu of the impossible task of keeping my own teeth back there ( they're all molars or pre-molars that are not visible from the front), --which has been explained to me repeatedly is not YOUR fault, Jessica, but you're going to have to be vigilant to save the rest of them. Both of your parents lost their teeth before 35 and you had that horrible orthro surgery that kills the roots and you don't make enough saliva because of your psych need a really serious routine of 3 different kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes......- this is the best I can get.

Right now I'm more worried about the crowns, which aren't covered by insurance and which are going to be like $500 apiece. 5 x $500 = $2500. That makes me want to hack up a hairball. I'd gladly pay it- it's an investment and I dont have a problem with the idea of it, I have a financial problem with the sum. I'm going to have to work that one out, one pound of flesh at a time, because I'm NOT going to not have crowns. I'm trying to take this on in managable chunks of money at a time, and not sweat it yet, but if you're out there, PRAY I get a new job soon, because that would help immensely....

However, at this point, one ( semi- he's very generous with the anesthetic) painful procedure at a time, I'm getting to the point Where My Worries Will Be Diminished Significantly, so, although the original count is different, brings us back the beginning:

Stand Up and Cheer!
2 Root Canals done, 3 to go!!! YAY!!!

Every victory counts.