Not In Kansas Anymore...

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And Sassy throws her two cents in, better said than I could put it:

I agree that on the surface, it looks like Jessica ought to just suck it up and be "a team player" or whatever BS they sell that idea with now. But in my experience, she's absolutely right in that if she didn't make a stink about it Right. Now, she would forever be pigeonholed into the one singular task in the whole store she hates the most. Scheduling in a place like that very much relies on the "squeaky wheel" theory, not on what's equitable or predictable. Part of that is because no one has the same schedule--some work one or two days a week, others 5, some work 4 hr shifts, others 6 or 8 or anywhere in between. Because of that, even if it were possible to rotate everyone through different areas on an equitable basis, it wouldn't SEEM that way to the co-workers who didn't witness your assignment to the Crap Job the last time you had it, etc.

I was stuck in the fitting room at Congo Democratic Clothes ( yes, duh, it's a psuedonymn!) every shift for 8 months straight. At first I didn't mind. Then I *did* mind, but couldn't convince anyone with the power to change it that it was worth their attention. Then finally I pitched a shit-fit-hissy and told them I was going to quit if they kept sticking me there. Suddenly it was, "Gee, I didn't know you felt that way. You're so good at it, we thought you liked it there." I'd only been complaining for months--it took a completely inappropriate emotional outburst to get the point across. My issue, aside from the fact that it was mind-numbingly boring and repetitive, was that people at the registers have the opportunity to earn bonuses (getting credit card applications), and I was completely shut out of that opportunity in the fitting room. THAT is what it took to change their minds.

In Jessica's case, Kids is the crap job. Nobody wants to work there. It would be another thing if everyone had to do a shift there on a regular basis, but that's not how it was--only women were forced to do it. I'd have pitched a royal fit about that, too. Besides, maybe the Lord of the Flies atmosphere in that section would change if they put some male employees back there--sort of an Alpha Dog presence to keep things under control.

Ex. Frickin'. Xactly, Sassy. Exfrickin'xactly! ARDDDGRGHGGH!