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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sometimes It's the Little Things That Keep You Going, Especially When They're Shorter Than You Are-- Another Little Win From A Little Person That Really Cheered Me Up Today:

I know I've previously mentioned my friend Vince and his little girl, Maya, whom I adore. It was recently Maya's (4th!) birthday and I sent her a little something ( I call her "My Blue Butterfly Girl" so she got a small blue and gold sparkly net butterfly to hang in her room or play with) . I received this from Vince today.



Maya and I went camping the day we got your package in the mail. She opened it up once we got to The State Park-- I read her the birthday card, and she said, "Jessica? Why wasn't Jessica at my birthday party?" I told her because you lived in California. So the whole camping trip she was playing with it and,when we got back home the next day, Anna ( his wife) asked where she got it. Mara said,very matter-of-factly, "Jessica in California sent it to me. She couldn't come to my birthday party because she lives in California."

Here is her drawing of "Jessica in California"

Thank you so much for sending that. It's very thoughtful and, of course, she loves butterflies, so that was a very awesome gift.

You may notice ( in some other attached pictures) that Maya's hair is cut very short (prior to this event it had been VERY long). After we got back from our little family camp week, she came downstairs (when we thought she was napping) with her new, self-styled haircut . The next day she went to Anna's stylist for a "modification" to Maya's own cut ( a little blonde pixie, still very cute, but I'm sure, a close save for the stylist! LOL!).

Anyway, thanks again... Hope all is well. We're heading out to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks next week. Need some time away. Stay well.



I'm telling you, that made me smile for at least an hour today. It's so easy to make a kid happy, and the returns are so big! Plus that picture of me cracks me up! I'm sure it's just her hair-drawin' style at this age ( everyone I drew from about ages 4-7 had a Marlo Thomas flip in their hair for some reason. It's not ours to reason why....) but actually, some days when I wake up, my hair really DOES look about like that.