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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And now..... silence.

I had a job interview today at the Autry Museum of Western History . I had sent them a resume for an Educator's position and never heard back, so I woefully gave up on any hope. Then their Director of Visitors Services called me and said HER boss forwarded my resume for a position with their department. I thought when she called that I wouldn't really want to take the job- even though it IS in the museum world, which I do miss terribly and would great on my resume- because it sounded so bleh. And frankly, I don't know squat about Western history ( as in The West of America, not the Western World, thank you!)- at least not enough to be excited about it, and frankly, thought the museum would be pretty crappy.

I was tremendously wrong. First of all, it's one of the nicest museums of its kind that I've seen- very well curated with excellent education and a beautiful facility. They have a whole seperate building devoted to the Southwest Native Americans, and typically, the top floor in the main building is devoted to current Native American artisits, which is very very hip of them, I must say. Downstairs is their permanent collection, which is very comprehensive- including a whole wing about the "Western" concept in popular culture- movies, radio programs, etc. I was really impressed with the scope of it all. And apparently, they just got a giant grant to do more work, so it's going to grow, and Visitors Services isn't just like it is at some other museums cough cough The Getty cough cough where they are just glorifed ushers/umbrella holders. They've been ranked in the 90th percentile in a national survey concerning such services, and they take it seriously. There's room to move up, so I could end up in education ( which is what I really want- althought it would *exaggerated sigh* mean learning something new. Yeah, because I just hate that.) eventually. And it's PART TIME, and it PAYS! By the time I left there, I was like, (whiny voice), "I wanna work heeeeeeeeere!!"
I gave a good interview, and I think they really liked me, and I got the impression that they just needed to run it by HR and get the go ahead. God, I hope so.

In other job prospects, my new friend Cherie, a publicist, needs an assistant. Well, sorta. I emailed her early this week asking if she knew any publicists who needed assisstants, or if she could give some advice. I find PR fascinating. Taxing ( because how long can you really schmooze it up before your eyes glaze over?), but endlessly entertaining. I have a bunch of non-official experience in it ( in the museum world, the music industry and not-for-profits, no less) and have spent more than my fair share of hours checking press releases and gladhanding. I figured, jeez, Jessica, why not try for a job you can actually DO and that might actually benefit your career somehow? Anyway, turns out Cherie was willing to give me some paid time to organize her office, answer her phones, etc. Same pay as the museum, it turns out. I accepted her offer, but haven't heard back. I'm hoping that's because she's been out of her office all day, not because she's changed her mind.

When it rains it pours, right? What to do?

I thought it over, and I've come to an executive decision ( not that there's anyone else around here to run it past, but whatever) that I would take BOTH jobs. With Cherie, it's likely that I could work a flex-time deal out and at the museum, they kept emphasizing weekends , which is fine. Taking both opportunities would give me a chance to get my ass out of debt for the first time in three and half fucking years, and frankly, that would do a lot for my mental health. I know it's a little taxing to think of me, the Depressive working like that, but I USED to do it for stints at a time for similar reasons. I've just been avoiding getting a "full-time job" for awhile now, because, like most actors in Hollywood, the thinking is this:

A.) I moved here to audition as an actor
B.) If I got a full time job, I wouldn't have time to audition
C.) Why live in this hellpit if I can't audition? I could move home and get a full time job.

Unfortunately, this logic does not include Well-Known But Rarely Admitted Collary D, which is:

D.) I can't afford to buy headshots/pay for postage/go to acting class on part-time wages.

Or, the more Openly Discussed Collary E:

E.) It costs so much to live here sometimes I have to choose between driving and eating, and I still never get called in to audition.

It's a terrible situation to be in. I'm luckier than most because I have 1.) healthcare; 2.) a state check that covers my rent; 3.) extremely generous and tolerant friends who don't balk when I ask if I can borrow money. And still, I find a quandry in making it work. So this is my new plan- two part time jobs, one of which will be flexible enough if I need to audition, the other of which will keep me moving in a positive direction toward Other Goals. And with the combined income, I can afford new headshots. I can afford an acting class or two. I can afford to pay off my credit cards. I can be a fucking grown-up. Imagine it. It might cut into my moping time, but I'm actually excited for the first time in awhile about the prospects of my life. Imagine that.

But for now....silence. And I wait. Tap, tap, tap.