Not In Kansas Anymore...

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Babysitting Joannie for Jeannie, who has a new job this week ( go Jeannie!). Joannie, normally an even-tempered, well-behaved child by nature, has decided that in reaction to this new change, she's going to turn into Uber-Brat. Additionally, she's apparently going through some "Terrible Threes" phase, as apposed to Terrible Twos", which didn't happen. Everything- and I mean EVERYTHING is a struggle. "Joannie, put on your shoes. " "NO!" ( flings self on ground, writhing around). "Joannie, get up. Get up NOW." "NO!" ( starts crying like I've poked her with a hot stick). "Joannie, if you don't stop that, you're going to get spanked ( I'm not a spanker, but Jeannie and Irv swat occasionally, usually after giving her a count of three to stop whatever she's doing, so actual "spanking" is rare and very tame when it occurs. Of course it's the end of the world when it does, with wailing and gnashing of teeth.) I count to three. She gets up. Seconds later, the next altercation is over whether or not I will let her drink out of my water glass ( I won't, but offer to get her one of her own). She begins crying like I'm witholding the Hope Diamond or something equally as precious, and again, throws herself on floor. This goes on for a good twenty minutes while I try to ignore her tantrum. Finally I pick her up and put her in bed, telling her, "Joannie, if you're going to act like this, maybe we need a nap." This, of course, intensifies the screaming. I put on a video. Some peace is restored.

Only temporarily. When I ask her to please go to the potty, she refuses. I start counting to three. I make it to three this time with no compliance and have to concede to a swat. Screaming commences, and continues til she's practically choking. I urge her to calm down and pick her up, offering water. She goes limp, wailing and kicking. Finally I take her back to bed and that's where she is now, watching Sponge Bob and refusing to nap.

It's only been 2 hours.

I've never seen this out of her in her entire LIFE. Even as a baby she was a sweetie, and she *usually* likes hanging out with me. Normally, I love hanging out with her. Right now, I want to put my own eye out with a kiddie straw. I would never make it as a stay-at-home mom, I'll tell you that, so props to all of SAHMs who do it without committing murder.