Not In Kansas Anymore...

Click your heels, and see if home is where you hang your hat, or somewhere else inside yourself as this simple, postmodern girl takes on L.A.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mood: self-righteous and justified. Why? Well, well, well, folks, the Day Has Finally Come. Dee called me this afternoon and said, " I didn't know that I owed you money for actual work days. You know I don't read my own emails. I'm really sorry." It seems that Vee, her Little Minion, has been reading her email and answering it FOR her. Knowing that indeed, Dee does not, in fact, read her own mail ( she can't even open it), as I often read it TO her and then asked what she would like to say in response, I know that she is telling the truth. I didn't press for details, but apparently, Vee and her sister have been handling all of those duties and giving her misinformation about what I've been writing. However, she took my statement that "as things have seem to become inexplicably vindictive on your end, if I do not receive a check by 6/10, I will pursue this matter in small claims court" seriously and Dee got really, really upset at Vee. Hence the phone call, hence the forthcoming check, hence her offering to do my hair "whenever, Jessica, and you don't have to pay", and some serious embarassment on her part. I wonder if she regrets giving Vee so much say-so and kicking me to the curb QUITE so quickly.

So, ha HA. Ha HA!

Of course, Small Check will only cover Small Payments to Gas and Power, but as I just paid Phone, I am back online at home ( thank you Jesus!), and hopefully, I'll find a job before the end of the month. Plus, Griffin got some financial aid through the wonderful agency Actors and Others For Animals, and I took him to the vet for $20, and got him set up for receiving subQ fluids at home for roughly the same. He's been eating regularly now and while I know he doesn't feel good, he's a fair bit perkier altogether and somewhat more comfortable.

In the meantime, I am sick. Again. Running a fever two days ago and sleeping 14 hours a day. Why? Possible UTI, possible WhoKnowsWhat. I wonder sometimes if living in this place doesn't do a number on my immune system, because I'm sick all the time these days. I DO have Interstitial Cystitis , which is thought to be an immune system disease, and it's true that since I was diagnosed ( 10 years ago) I haven't been too tough since. I got THAT after a bout with Epstein-Barr, which I shook off, but I guess it settled in to my system in a whole other way, really. Good times. I only mention it because after a vitriolic-filled conversation with Jeannie today about how I'm Just Not Reliable , Therefore, I Suck As A Friend and Possible Employee, I got to thinking. Do I Really Suck, or is there More? I think there's More ( and a few areas where I Do Suck, and am Working On). I think it's always more complicated than it seems, especially in this particular situation.

I also think maybe I should move to London, that Anderson Cooper should marry me, and that whomever told Bruce Springsteen he could sing was wrong. So what do I know? Apparently not much because a.) I don't even have a passport, b.) it's pretty likely that THAT beautiful man with a beautiful mind isn't even playing on my team , as it were, and c.) Bruce is the one collecting the big checks, not me. Then again, I am at least collecting the small ones, so it's hard to say....these days, it could all go either way. It really could.