Not In Kansas Anymore...

Click your heels, and see if home is where you hang your hat, or somewhere else inside yourself as this simple, postmodern girl takes on L.A.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

It was my birthday this week, and in between freaking out about being 38 (!!!!!!!) I was taken out by some good friends almost every night.

I got to get a tarot reading ( in which I learned that for the millionth time by the millionth psychic, YES, I will eventually get married and have a family -- and I can read my own cards, so I saw she wasn't lying-- although I did get a little huffy and say, "WELL? WHERE IS HE? I'm 38!!! TICK TOCK!!") and eat cake with Dani. I got to have breakfast and receive all manner of fun vintage gifts from Joannie, Jeannie and Irv, and eat cake ( Joannie told me "I'm 4, and we had cake at my birthday. When I was 4..." 4 is a big deal, y'know! ). Kit and I watched a movie and ate cake ( we had Red Velvet cake which is what I'd been wanting!!!) . I got lovely presents from Sassy and R in the mail (Sassy seriously picks out the best clothes for me from BR and will be hired as my stylist as soon as I make it big. R sent me the U2 by U2 book that I'd requested. I called him and said, " I got this box in the mail and what could be in it? Hmm! Oh my GAWD!! It's that U2 book! WOw! How did you KNOW???") . Last night my friends Lori and Arnie took me out to dinner at this hip place in Los Feliz called Electric Lotus which had the best Indian food I think I've ever had (but this time, I ate pie , and not cake). And finally, I've been really blessed with all the birthday wishes coming in from family and friends in general coming my way. It's been a great amount of love and fun ( and dessert).

Which is exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got! I'm grateful for all of it, and for the grace that made it happen. I feel very fortunate. I needed it, too....I wanted to celebrate all I survived and after it all, still feeling glad to be here. I also wanted to laugh....there have been too many tears and not enough laughter, and they should at least balance out, from time to time, I think, you know? Laughing feels so good after crying so much this past year, and I only hope there's more to come. I'm certainly going to be working on making it so!

And so let it be so...