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Monday, March 03, 2008

A Public Notice:

Okay, which one of you.....
...could possibly responsible for the nefarious act of linking MY personals ad to an email account via craiglist?!?!? I was just informed this evening by a man I've been talking to that he found an ad on craigslist advertising "Wiccan Love" under the name "peachesandcream" and giving stats that only a very select few would know. VERY select few- like the name of one of my favorite films, which wouldn't be anything anyone could easily just guess.

They corresponded with this person breifly, who was talking in a manner I would NEVER speak about myself, saying I was "good in bed" that I had had "hundreds of responses" and to "hit me up" over at Salon. When he clicked on the link he was given in this private email, he got MY profile, and started talking to me. I had no idea this guy had come to my profile this way- he's a member, he's quite polite, and it just so happened that I had winked at him the day before, so it wasn't totally weird that he wrote me and started up with me like he knew me.
We've been talking now for two weeks and today he mentioned this little wrinkle, at which I was, unsurprisngly, SHOCKED to discover.

If I've emailed this to you, its because you're the only people who were a.) given access to my account for some reason via my password, or b.) knew about and it figured out the way to access member pages from outside of the system or c.) saw it from me showing it to you on your computer. Luckily, this guy said, "It seemed like they were doing you a favor- they were very nice and trying to get my attention for you" . And luckily, this guy is a gentleman with a heart of gold and not some scumbag looking to get laid.

I'm not accusing anyone, but let it be known that if you did it, and you thought it was funny, or helpful or anything else, I'd advise you to take this under advisement: Come forward now and apologize and we'll have a chat about it and we'll see if our friendship can be mended. Do it again, and we're done. It's not friendly, it's not a joke, and I take it as a serious breach of trust. Got that? Good.

Have a nice day.


More fodder for the "It's All True, Only the Names Have Changed" blog that is my life that is my blog, et al:

The only way I know it's someone who knows me is because of the film that was mentioned. It's just not your run-of-the-mill movie; it's fairly obscure to those who don't know anything about foreign film. ( If you do, then it isn't, but you'd have to know ME pretty well to know this factoid. You just WOULD. I don't talk about this interest in this particular filmmaker alot, as while he's one of my favorites, he's not someone I've ever been particularly fixated on.). In fact, I would hedge bets that my two very best friends in the world, Sassy and DR, have never heard me mention this film in their presence.

And frankly, I don't know too many people on the list of people I sent this email to that WOULD have. Only two come to mind. ONE of them I went to college with and he's just the type of rattlesnake who would think this was amusing and/or helpful. The other one is also a member, whom I turned down after one date. I was quite polite about it, and I wouldn't have ever taken him for this kind of man, but who knows? ( NO, it's not Naughty Pants. He's too busy ignoring me or whatever he's doing now to care.) .

I'm shocked and embarassed. And a little mad. Because who knows what kind of jackasses could have been trying to email me? I was lucky I got BB, who is quite nice an friendly and a sweetheart. He wouldn't be the kind of guy who would send me pictures of his penis on a Saturday night, unlike most guys over at craigslist, who would. Frankly, I really am not interested in that sort of guy, so THAT'S why I didn't post there! BB is a spaz and was just looking and saw that. Although I have to question his taste in women if he responded to the ad.....and now I'll wonder.... what a charming side effect to have on a what was a really straightforward, pleasant thing!

Ugh. I just did NOT want to deal with this kind of bullshit anymore, so that's why I'm always polite to people I meet online, that's why I always try to be honest and friendly to them even if I'm not going to date them, and that's why NOBODY but people I truly trust have access to anything unless I expressly say they can have it, and ONLY for a limited period of time!

But after this? EVERYBODY outta the pool. All my passwords are getting changed to stuff nobody would even THINK of, and I don't show people websites on their computer, and I don't mention this film anymore. Officially: my favorite film has changed to something no one I ever went to school with or slept with in the past or even dated once could even guess. I've got plenty of 'em, so it'd be hard to choose the one I'm using, and it won't compromise me at all to switch the answer if someone asks. I know , that's hard to believe, but it's true...

Such bullshit. I can't BELIEVE this happened. I cannot BE-leive it. Ugh.