Not In Kansas Anymore...

Click your heels, and see if home is where you hang your hat, or somewhere else inside yourself as this simple, postmodern girl takes on L.A.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Well, apparently, the nasty twitch in my right eye that has been plaguing me for about two weeks now is gone. With the change in the nation's collective tension, I feel healed. I am HEALED, people!! There's a democrat-- an African-American man who won by a landslide-- as president elect after 8 long years of corruption and greed, and that's not just historic, it's a fucking miracle.

Not that he's Jesus or something, as my friend Laura said today, though it's hard not to put him on a pedestal after this whole last year of campaigning and hell, the last year with Bush in office. We've all been through too much. We need someone fearless and amazing and young and exciting and GREAT. But he will fuck up and make mistakes and make decisions that people don't like, and it will be hard. I just pray we all have the patience to give him a chance to DO something before we all start getting pissed he's not the Answer to Everything.

However, I do think he can help and heal alot of trouble we've been through, over time. Crap, people at least have hope right now and that can't be all bad. Keep that realistic and we're halfway there.

In other, more local news, Prop 8 passed ( I guess more people said yes when they were called than not. Stupid hate mongers.), which has my protective hackles up for all my gays and hella disappointed in Californians. I mean, seriously: I have a Scientology mission-- an outpost for a "religion" that actually meets strident academic standards to be classified as a cult and could be easily considered nothing more than a multi-level marketing scheme-- right down the street from my fucking house and yet, two men who love each other ( or two women ) cannot get married in this state? THIS granola-crunching, whale-hugging, "it's-all-good, man!", spore-and-any-radical-New-Age-nutjob-idea-spawning hippie outpost of a state cannot get it together to show support for people I KNOW have families more happy and normal than alot of straight couples, and it makes me want to throw something. I hated it here before, and I think this just about sealed the deal permanently. (Of course, as the most liberal state in the Union, it's only worse the farther east you go, so I'm not likely to see it better anywhere. I'm just saying that AS the most liberal state in the Union, you'd think we could have done SOMETHING right and contributed more than "The Terminator" as a govenor to make history in politics. But no. So, in a few words, fuck this place, I mean it!).

So with bated breaths we still await the outcome of this election year, both with Obama and with civil rights here in CA ( appeals are being constructed as I type). I hope they both continue their history-making in only the best of ways. I surely do hope.