Not In Kansas Anymore...

Click your heels, and see if home is where you hang your hat, or somewhere else inside yourself as this simple, postmodern girl takes on L.A.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I did my little Guerrilla Leafletting Campaign in the neighborhood two nights ago, putting my yellow letters on everyone's car and doorsteps. No response, but hey, if YOUR kid did that, would YOU pay to have the person's car shampooed? Being the kind of person who parents a kid like that, I mean. I mean that question rhetorically, because I'm sad to say that in this day and age, parents just don't parent very much any more ( especially in L.A., where the per capita ratio of brat kids just reigns supreme. I can assure you of that having worked in retail here and in other parts of the country). Rather, they seem to want to get out of taking responsibility themselves, so how can they possibly teach that to their kids?

But God knows if I or my brother had done anything like that, my dad would have been all over us: " You DID WHAT???? Oh, no. My kid doesn not do that ( insert a good 45 minute lecture on personal property, costliness, embarassment to the family, moral issues, etc.)! I'm gonna tell you what's going to happen here: YOU'RE going to go over there and PERSONALLY APOLOGIZE. Then, we're going to pay to have their car cleaned. Well, YOU are. You're not getting an allowance untill ( some random number of excruciatingly long weeks)!!!" And then that's exactly what would occur, under Penalty of Death.
Hell, if he'd've evem gotten the flyer it would have been, "Do you know anything about this?" "Um, no." "Do think you know who did it?" "Um, NO." "WEll, keep it that way, okay? This is not good. I hope they catch those little shits. Marie, make sure to roll up the windows from now on, all right?!?!"

My, how times have changed...

Although I have been floating around a Possible Second Explanation, which I cannot believe I didnt consider right away: what if it was just that I was blessed by
His Noodly Goodness, The Flying Spaghetti Monster ?? My faith is so lapsed. I'm sorry, Oh Great One! Come back and show your blessed presence again!!!

But seriously, even my dad, a man of faith would agree: I've got my eye on those little shits down the street.