Not In Kansas Anymore...

Click your heels, and see if home is where you hang your hat, or somewhere else inside yourself as this simple, postmodern girl takes on L.A.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Finally sitting up today for longer than an hour at a time. I actually left the house on Sunday and visited Joannie for Easter, but then I had to go straight home and go back to bed. I'm telling ya, this sick business is just too much damned work.

IT's going around, though...sick, sick, sick and tired all around ( and it's only April!!):

1. ) So my leaving Joannie a little short this holiday was a stroke of luck ( for me only). A trip to the pedatrician today reveals that she has contracted conjunctivitis in both eyes and an ear infection from the little girl down the street. She was not thusly afflicted on Sunday, but was probably contagious. I was trying to NOT touch her because I was sick, and that's a damned good thing for the both of us, I'd say, or else Jeannie would have a kid with pinkeye, an ear infection, and bronchitis right now. Can't tell you the last time I had pinkeye, but I do recall it was not pleasant. They're going to have to boil everything in that house before I show up again....and $10 says Jeannie ends up with it next.

2.) Leo, at my urging, is trying to quit smoking, and is miserable. Then to add injury to the pile, he decided to go to the dentist yesterday. Don't worry: I added insult to injury when I said that was definitely A "What Were You Thinking?" Moment. Still, he's hurting in all kinds of ways now, I'm sure Death seems like an easier option than the ones he's currently suffering...

3.) R lost his job today. THAT'S going around, too, apparently. When I finally got him on the phone, he was surprisingly sober and had a plan; I asked if said plan involved anything like firearms and should I call the police or his wife? No, he promised, it just had to do with getting some incriminating papers out of his office so he could be assured unemployment. he promised me later that he'd be getting good and drunk over it, and that pulling the trigger is pretty difficult in that state, so no worries.

4.) Finally, Katie and Tom finally hatched that Pod Kid, and while all of Hollywood has been awaiting the arrival, I don't know if a single one of the residents of this fair city who are actually not just a wee bit scared. The kid is probably okay ( so far as we know as of yet), but Tom is still allowed in to public places without psychiatric supervision, so who knows how it could go?

I know, I'm more strung out on Robitussin than Courtney Love circa 1992. But somebody ( I'm pretty sure it was T.S. Eliot) said "April is the cruellest month", and dammit, if he wasn't right.