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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Random thoughts.....

I watched that Oprah special on Oscar Winners Interviewing Oscar Winners and I have a few comments:

Julia Roberts is a bitchy, moody, self-involved diva, just like everyone I've ever known who's worked with her swears she is (Anthony will attest to this vehemently). Comments like, "Aren't my kids cute? I love my kids." and "Don't I look cute? I'm pregnant!" make me want to slap her.

Nicole Kidman has injected some sort of lip-plumping agent into her top lip and it looks like she's having an allergic reaction to something, as a result. Other than that, she's smarter than I thought she was. Yes, I'm actually making that concession. World peace is soon to follow, I'm sure.

The only thing of worth Jaimie Foxx asked Sidney Poitier was how he felt winning the Oscar in 1963,( as he was the first black actor to do so). A valid question to be sure, but if that's the only thing you can think of to ask Sidney Poitier, then you don't deserve to be talking to him.

I have a headache.

It rained all day today and it snowed up in the mountains. YAY!

We seriously need another kitten around here. Angel is so bored he's driving me crazy. He got a swat today because he would NOT stop whining. And when I say whining, I mean saying "meow" over and over and over and over and over again even though he'd been fed and petted and let out ( only to discover it was raining). He shut up and hid under the dining room table for 20 minutes. I did not feel guilty about the swat,either. It was on his backside and not very hard, and he's been working up to it for a good 3 weeks now.
I know he's bored. He's 5 and really needs someone to play with him and keep him preoccupied. I'm on the lookout for a female baby kitty. For some reason, something is telling me to wait til a gray one comes along. I hope she shows up soon....

I have an interview next week at a swank rehab place in Laurel Canyon. They only take 6 patients at a time. They specifically wanted someone in a creative field who has been recovering for at least 2 years. It's a program specifically oriented toward artists with addiction problems, which believe me, is an idea whose time is looooooong overdue. My only concern is that part of my job description entails "neating up" patients' rooms, and I am not so down with that. Not that it's a hygenic issue for me, more of a philosophical one. If you're in rehab and your job is to get your life going into a more spiritual, humble, "I'm in here because my life is unmanagable and I'm powerless over my addictions" place, you SHOULD be making your own damned bed. In fact, that should be part of your therapy: making your own bed, cleaning up your own stuff, clearing your own plates, etc. Part of the problem for celebrities, et al is they have too many people lighting their cigarettes and letting them get away with such bullshit for far too long. And random anonymous artists justify it with the "I'm an artist; I'm above doing the dishes" kind of nonsense. The thing is, NO you are NOT. You may be an artist and/or a celebrity and need special care oriented toward your creative self/temperment ( which I firmly believe in), but if your ass was keeping it together so well with that kind of lassaiz-faire attitude, would you need rehab? The answer, of course, is no.
We'll have to see about that, of course....

( I'm avoiding the obvious Britney refernce here. I don't need to say anything, because hey, she's already making the point for me with her recent jaw-dropping, it's SO bad, I feel kind of bad FOR her. Here's hoping someone makes her make her bed, and whatever else neccessary....)

My acupuncturist wants me to go find an author by the name of Caroline Myss and learn how to become a medical inutitive. She says I have a gift. This is acupuncturist #3 to say so, mind you, but she's been the first who was able to respond to my concerns about it with a concrete suggestion. Apparently this woman teaches seminars, etc. I've only heard of her in passing as an author whose ideas I didn't agree with at first glance, but I like my acupuncturist, so I'll go read a book and see what I think.
We'll have to see about that, too, of course.....

I ordered Girl Scout cookies from Sassy's DD what seems like months ago and they are yet to arrive. I'm jonesing for a Thin Mint as I write this. Now, I was once a Girl Scout and I happen to know they do not make you actually bake those cookies. So where are they????

Headache slowly dissipating.

Keith Urban is scheduled to hit our town once more June 16. (The next day he will be in St. Louis, isn't that weird? Cosmic kismet or creative tour-bus driving? You decide...) This time he's coming to the Staples Center, which is where the Lakers play, and where I saw U2. I hate to diminish my man's potential draw, but I will be colored shocked if he can fill that arena to capacity. Especially since we have NO country station in this town anymore!!! Can you believe that???? A market as big as this one, and no country station. We've got 6 Mexican stations and one solely for "Old School" R&B, but not one country station. We used to, but it went away about a year ago. It was replaced by "All Dance Hits, All The Time", and well, you can imagine how I felt about THAT.
Mr. Urban is now seeing fit to charge $70-80 ( gulp) a pop to see him. Or Ticketmaster is. I'll be shaking out the couch for the quarters, but don't think I'm not expecting full frontal for that price, mister!!!

If I could afford a lip-plumping agent to be injected into my lips, I would look like a blowfish. I'd much rather have it injected into the circles under my eyes, which seem to be getting larger and darker with every birthday. Restalyne. That's what it's called. Right.

Headache is almost entirely gone. But now I need a donut.

And on that note, I'm outta here. Thank you, and goodnight!!