Not In Kansas Anymore...

Click your heels, and see if home is where you hang your hat, or somewhere else inside yourself as this simple, postmodern girl takes on L.A.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Stopping in for a quick news break:
I suppose I could have written sooner, but it was taking all I had to get through the days......been feeling totally awful all this week. Read on...

As of now-- Down, but not out. Hope returning.
However, Tuesday was rotten, bad as Monday ( Oscar weekend, totally normal. Caught cold from Kit, PMS began. Crying, obsessing, lamenting non-stop set in). Wed., Therapist J and I had to discuss whether or not I need different therapist ( just don't seem to be in synch ) but she'll stick around til we find someone new, or whatever ( adjunct therapists? EMDR? WHO KNOWS???). Of course, maybe that conversation could have waited, but NOOOOO, it came up for Jessica THEN. Exhausting conversation, and I went and ate a little food with Jeanna to recoupe and get a hug.
Then spent most of Thursday trying just to hang out and not think about ANYTHING at all. Remarkably, that was the best strategy yet, but there wasn't anything good on tv to distract me. Mom called and managed to keep me occupied with tales from her loathsome job, cheer me on. Ended up watching "Places In the Heart" and cried. Why, not sure, because it is the crappiest, most maudlin movie ever, but perhaps it was a testament to how lonely and sad I was.

Today is better. Still feel wobbly, trying not to think about Issues ( capital *I*) in too much depth. PMS almost gone. Cycle started. Hanging in there, still hanging, not on solid ground, but better than swinging around from days prior. Sheesh.

In other news:

Job interview tomorrow, had no decent, plain "take me seriously" shoes, so I went looking, only found "take me seriously, but I swear I have better style than this" shoes. Had to buy them instead. $24!!! Groan. Bought Joannie $1 bunny ears which she loved and promptly fell asleep in. Jeannie having a yard sale of epic porportions, Irv bitching up a storm, I'm thinking of re-organizing my shoes in Steri-lite boxes, but I'm not sure the dollar store will let me buy 20 of them at a time. Prolly have to run to Hollyweird tomorrow to make a payment for Jeannie's gas bill, which should be an adventure. Melrose and Vine. Not a neighborhood I want to be in, but it won't be after dark. Supposed to go to MOCA with some friends tomorrow night for an opening of feminist art. Not sure I am in the mood for that, but it's an excuse to get the hell out of the house.

**Speaking of, I really gotta see when that Magritte show at LACMA is ending for I will kick myself for missing it. They had a Klimt one last year and DID I MANAGE TO GO DOWN THERE TO SEE ONE OF MY FAVORITE ARTISTS OF ALL TIME??? I think you can probably gues the answer there, by my tone. **

Other than that my house is remarkably clean and laundry caught up on. Angel seems to be settling down into Solo Cat Comfort. I still dont have a new driver's liscence, because I need to obtain a CA Rules of the Road, as their testing is considerably harder than it is in other states. Hard to believe, I know, since everyone so widely disregards the actual rules and drives like maniacs. But what do I know....

Well, I hope this has provided a break of some sort for you, whether it be realaxaton or just psychotic. That's all for now. Tune in tomorrow ( or when I get motivated to write again).....