Not In Kansas Anymore...

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Friday, December 21, 2007


Answer the following question with the choices you know to be likely true:

Jessica found out today that:

a.) her car insurance will not be paying her chiropractic bill from that accident on Christmas Day two years ago, thus leaving her with a balance of $600
b.) the stupid dental office who extracted her tooth has not been removing money from her savings account like she thought they had, so she still owes them the entire $483
c.) she will likely be paying out $2500 in crowns for her root canals
d.) the job market, like everything else in the stinking Western world, has ground to a hiring halt due to the holiday
e.) she got a dumb looking Hallmark monarch butterfly sculpture from her mom for Christmas
f.) her brother hasn't even bought her a present yet even though he insisted on getting his BEFORE Christmas so he could wear it for a special occasion
g.) that M, her ex-boyfriend, got married to his girlfriend B a couple of months ago and although she's not heartbroken it puts her pathetic loveless existence into perspective
h.) all of the above.

And I still have two dozen cookies and two pies to bake, tralala, and a partridge in a frickin' pear tree.