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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

At Least It Wasn't Wii Golf: More Levity When You Need It Most:

So I'm in Cute Endo's chair yesterday getting my second to last root canal ( can I get a "hallelujah"?). He's got this whole dental dam/tooth collar/bite blocker business going on in there so I can't accidentially bite down and he can isolate bacteria while he works. Meanwhile, he's telling this story about an emergency client the day before:

Apparently this guy, a 22 year old UCLA student came into the office with this whole mess of a cracked tooth. It was so jacked up that they called Cute Endo over, who took a look at it and said, "Okay, what happened?" The kid wouldn't tell him, so Cute Endo is like, "Listen, I don't really care about what you DID, I just need to know what the story was, so I can assess the possibility of any additional damage ." UCLA Kid still is reluctant to spill, and at this point, Cute Endo is thinking it looks like he took a sharp hook into his jaw, so it was likely a bar fight or something equally retarded. So with what I can only guess was his typical fantastic chair-side manner and some guy-to-guy talk he gets the kid to confess....

The night before, he and his pal were playing Guitar Hero, right? And they were on this rippin' tear, and had been playing for hours, man. He's so into it, he's rocking out, and he SOMEHOW knocked himself in the jaw with the guitar neck so hard he bit his lip (and broke his tooth). But he was so into it, while he knew he was bleeding, he didn't really FEEL it, so he kept playing for another hour 'cause, you know, he was in the ZONE. But then he took a break and got a look at it and decided, whoa, he'd better have that checked.

Yes. I swear to all that is good and right that this story is indeed, true and not a fabrication or an exaggeration of any kind (on my part, anyway.)

Cute Endo said it took everything he had not to burst into hysterics at the ridiculousness of the story right in the kid's face. And that after he was done making the treatment plan he locked himself in his office and called his close friend, who is also into Guitar Hero and said, "I'm just calling because I gotta tell you: be careful so I don't have to do a partial tooth replacement on YOU the next time you get on a rippin' tear."

It's pretty hard to laugh when you've got all that gear in your mouth, but I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down the sides of my cheeks. God. That story made my day. (And God, I just gotta love Cute Endo. *Sigh* Dreamy. Alas... but that's a subject for another day.) If I had to get a root canal, at least there was entertainment, know what I mean? ROFLMAO!