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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On the good side....
...I got a new kitten! Angel and I have a new addition to our home!

She's 6 months old, spayed, with all her kitten shots, and she was totally free. Some people on a nearby block had found her with two siblings and mom hiding out in their Special FX shop, and while they were able to rescue the kits, mom had was too feral to be kept. So they caught her, fixed her, and released her. Kittens have been living domestic for about 6 months now, but were still somewhat skittish, and protective of each other. However, the people were caring for them well, and they are in excellent health. The company that owns the building was so interested in finding them good homes that they paid for all the neccessities of inital care. That's pretty awesome.

Anyway, she's a beautiful tortiseshell with an orange stripe down the middle of her nose, and the most amazing golden eyes. She was quite reticent at first and spent the first two days under the dining room table hiding. After that she took to exploring, eating, and following me around. She loves to be held and cuddled and purrs like a motor. NOW she's practically running the house and playing with Angel when she'll have anything to do with him ( I think she still hasnt figured out what to make of him). He's jealous of her attention, but so wants to play with her, so he follows HER around. It's very amusing.

Her name is Rosalie Belle. I saw her eyes and said, "Cullen!" ( the vampire family in "Twilight", who have distinctive golden topaz eyes). Then I saw her protective/self-preserving side and her inherent queenliness, an said, "Ah, Rosalie!" ( Rosalie being the sassiest, and most spoiled of the family). She got the "Belle" because she came with a bell around her neck ( which has been super helpful in locating her, 'cause shes quite tiny and into all manner of stuff) and because she came at Christmas.

She's standing on my lap right now shoving her nose into my nose, purring and trying to get my attention as I write this, even. Needless to say, I find it endearing and irresistable, and I am very happy. :)