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Friday, December 28, 2007

....But I Play One On T.V.: Only in LA, Part 578:

Okay, y'all remember when I got rear-ended on Christmas 2 years ago by the LA County Sherriff and I was all intimidated and afraid to file a claim, etc? Well, I did end up filing one a long ways back, and the ( his) insurance company repaired my car. Fine.

I was also injured, and I spent New Year's Eve in the E.R. They said it was some sort of back injury and sent me home with tons of drugs. I eventually ended up at my chiropractor's office, and that ended up being a huge chunk of $$ out of my own pocket. I didn't think I could file for that, but a lawyer friend told me this year (!!) that I had a two-year statute of limitations.
So I filed. And they denied the claim. And I argued. Long story short, I had to go and file a small-claims suit for personal injury this Christmas Eve before the statute ran out. ( You can file PI in small claims in LA. Another valuable tidbit from Lawyer Friend).

Anyway, I have to have the man served with the papers ( I can't do it, but anyone else can. ). I have to do it physically, like y'know, HAND them to him, so he can't claim he didn't get them. Problem is, the only addy the insurance company had for him was a P.O. Box, and NO PHONE NUMBER. SO I call up LA County Sherriff Dept, explain the situation, and ask if I can just be given his branch CO's # so I can find out where and when to serve him at work.

They can't give me that, as it turns out. But as it also turns out, the woman on the phone was sympathetic to my plight, and said, "Is it a common name? If it's not, I can tell you if he's even a county employee. " It's NOT a common name, so she ran it through. He wasn't EVEN IN THE SYSTEM. Which could mean anything, right? Like he quit or got fired or whatever.

But wait for it.....

My friend R, who works in real estate and is so handy with tracking people/land parcels/legal documents/bank documents down with his access, does some digging around. Turns out there's this actor of the same name with a webpage, and he sends me for a looksee.

It's my guy. (Or his evil twin, or a cousin who looks alot like him). And he plays a sherriff on tv. And has a history of playing cops on a variety of tv shows.

Methinks something fishy is awry, no? I called LA County back, and when they got done laughing, they advised me that if, indeed, this is the case as I discover it on the way to my legal action, I should notify So-and-So in the Fraud department immediately.

My Lawyer Friend has to subpoena his DMV records from the insurance company and when he does, I cannot fucking WAIT to see what happens.