Not In Kansas Anymore...

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

May the circle be unbroken...

This Christmas I turned into my mom- every year she gets so excited and makes plans that outreach her time constraints- but she buys for everyone one on the planet, including people we never see, she decorates, bakes, cooks, wraps, and is generally Super Homemaker. (My dad, BTW, never leaves the chair but once, and that's usually to hand my brother or me some money and say, "Go get X for your mom. " Then we wrap it, too. Oh, he makes the ham. But doesn't do dishes. ::Eye roll:: Okay, this is excepted by his behavior THIS year, when I actually witnessed with my own eyes, him doing the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner. Either the 5 years I've been living in LA have left him with no one to shuffle off the duty to, - my brother is usually crafty and skips out before the plate even hits the bottom of the sink- or my mom has beaten him into submission. Or both. ) Every year I go in the back bedroom and find a pile of shopping bags of stuff she never even touched, or got a chance to get to.( And usually get this: "Do you like this? I thought it was cute. " "Um, I guess so." "Well, do you want it?" "Um.....")

Every year I think two things: 1.) she's crazy and 2.) when she dies, we're all screwed, because no one will go to all the effort she puts into it that we take for granted. The year she doesn't decorate every square inch of the house in Christmas crap ( including the bathrooms) is the year I know the shit has hit the fan.

Apparently, evolution has a plan, because I have started doing the same things, starting this year. I bit off way more than I could chew, spent alot of money, baked 3,000,000 ( well, it felt like that) cookies and pies and STILL have what I'm conservatively labelling "holiday gifts/cards" to get out piled in my living room.

So to all you moms toiling out there, I feel you now, and appreciate you in a new light. I suspect I will not truly know the meaning of this holiday til I'm up at 1am trying to fit Slot A into Tab B and securing it with Sprocket GH-14, with a tool they only make in Sweden that I don't own but am attempting to imitate with a butterknife. I promise to call my mom today and let her know how much she is appreciated. I will even tell my dad the same for shelling out the dough to pay for all of it, all these years.

And for my single/fur-mommy-only gal pals out there, I say, l hope you are making Christmas happy for you and your loved ones with the Mary Tyler Moore Spirit we all have. It's worth it. I promise.

Merry Christmas everyone!!