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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Had the MOST charming conversation with the Americans With Disabilities Association today....apparently Dil is violating my rights.

PLUS, the woman said only assigning women to the Kids section is WAY discrimination.

She said Dil should have attempted retraining, additional training or some sort of other accomodation before yanking me off registers. The fact that I and several managers have asked for it over and over again ( esp. when we got new registers in Aug) and he refused is a violation. The fact that I'm only allowed at Customer Service Desk is a bit of an accomodation, but the aforementioned should have taken place PRIOR. Not to mention, if my hours are getting cut during a sales dip more than everyone elses ( which they ARE and I had a conversation with TWO ASMs to this effect) because of this original violation.... is an extra violation. :) .

...AND, when I asked to be reassigned to another store ( Studio City) where there were fewer customers and more time to learn on a register, and was told that there wasn't room, without sufficient investigation into that, THAT was a violation.

Their stupid comments about "not setting you up to fail" were affirmed as inappropriate because they have done little to set me up to succeed, and that's what the laws are all about, according to the Association.

So, it seems they've fucked up all over the place.

Hmm.... And SO, I've placed my call to We Listen ( our confidential corporate hotline, which unfortunatley is EST, and I'm of course on PST), and left a message. This should be an interesting turn of events. Not feeling guilty, or worried or bad. Feeling vindicated. Am also sure the fur is going to fly, and Dil is going to throw a fucking fit. But he can't fire me for complaining. That would be against the law. :D