Not In Kansas Anymore...

Click your heels, and see if home is where you hang your hat, or somewhere else inside yourself as this simple, postmodern girl takes on L.A.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Remember how I said I don't talk good ( grammatical error intended) about politics, so I usually avoid the topic? That isn't to say I don't consider the topic-- I consider the topic often-- I am just not the most well-spoken person at the party with which to converse concerning these things. I'm too given to stammering histrionics and anuerysm-inducing fits of anger when it comes to discussing politics.

Now that everyone's chosen their running mates, that's really not any different, but you know what? I feel the need to say OUT LOUD what everyone is thinking:

Sarah Palin= the "You wanna chick? We can get a chick!" patronizing, insulting pancea for everything that is wrong with the Republican campaign. Let's face it: the woman wanted to be a broadcaster, which didn't work out, and then she got into politics. She's pro-creationism, pro-life EVEN in cases of incest or rape, and pro-drilling on protected Alaskan wilderness. If that isn't enough, she's prone to firing people she doesn't like, or who disagree with her, (such as the guard who asked her to please strap in her 4month old baby for safety when she was driving around a industrial complex in an open golf cart on a tour.). If THAT isn't enough, her husband was part of a fringe group to have Alaska secede from the US. And her abstinence-only plan is working so swell that her 17 yr old daughter is knocked up by some redneck boyfriend the girl stole from her best friend since 1st grade.

That's quality, my friends. That's the kind of person we need in the White House should McCain drop dead from old age or asphyxiation from Cindy McCain's hair products. You betcha. Of course, the GOP claims Ms. Palin was fully vetted before being added to the ticket. How laughable. It's more like once they saw Obama not choose Hilary, they went for what I called it at the outset of my little rant: the sexist, pandering Vagina Vote. Which, if you think about it, is pretty farking hilarious, given that Hillary is so FAR on the other side of Palin's politics you'd have to be a stooge not to see it. Or from their perspective, a woman. Same diff, right?

Oh, but why listen to me? Let Amy and Tina say it for me. They're the professionals.

Ah, thanks ladies. I knew you'd say it like nobody else could.