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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Epic Fail

Here's a colossally stupid moment -- just a little a snapshot for your amusement:

I'm standing in the dining room packing up some after-Xmas cookies for a friend, and listening to the Golden Globes in the living room. They announce all the contenders for Best Male Performance In a Blah Blah, and my ears perk up when they announce Heath Ledger as a nominee. I don't go to the tv though, 'cause I'm right in the middle of this cookie thing, and then they announce that he wins.

So of COURSE I get all excited, and I try to hustle it in there to see who accepts it and what they say. MInd you, I live in a apartment so it's not like the LR is so far away, but I'm a.) wearing big fuzzy pink slippers and b.) stricken with some sort of instantaneous loss of coordination from being forced to multitask. In short, I trip over the edges of the tablecloth, fall down, scrape my hands and knees on the carpet and have to crawl to the tv to see Christopher Nolan accept the award.

I start laughing at myself, and then I'm all misty with the clip from the movie and by the time the 30+ second debacle is over, I feel like I've been on a roller coaster. And am pretty sure I'm a total moron. It's amazing I can get out of bed every day and dress myself.

I'm really glad he won, though. :D