Not In Kansas Anymore...

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh, and untill I get paid next Monday, I have exactly $9.10 to my name. Yippee.

Also, I went to see Cute Endo this morning and while it's always lovely to see his smiling face and engage in silly banter, I was informed that MediCal would NOT be paying for one of my teeth to get a root canal, all of his arguing on my behalf yeilding nothing. In their minds, we might as well yank that tooth right outta there, because they don't wanna pay, even though I NEED it, thank you, as I'm USING it currently.

And so, the cost of this one tooth, out of pocket? $1100. Without the crown. After I started breathing normally again, I mumbled, "well. I guess I'll be calling my parents." Poor Cute Endo. He sat there for a moment and looked at me, and then he patted my arm and said, "That's what they're there for. " Then he smiled and got up.

Of course this made me crush on him even harder, but he's married, and his Adorable-ness is besides the point. The point is:

I then had to walk out to the reception area where I had to apply for a line of credit, and you know what? I did call my parents, but I called them to co-sign. I just CAN'T bear to ask them for Christ-Knows-How-Much-When-It's-All-Said-And-Done-Lump-Sum. They've already paid for a buttload of money for my teeth, and they're retired and have I mentioned I'm 38???? My dad didn't even blink when I asked him to co-sign, though, adding further to the Pod Person Theory. That was a nice spot in an otherwise bleak morning.

Still, I'm going to be taking the hit for probably around $4200. That I don't actually HAVE. And I'm in a job that doesn't give me enough hours as yet. I still think they don't know if I'll work out; I get that, it's been a rough start with my having to get used to the byzantine computer system. But regardless, I think I'm going to have to get a second job for sure now, just to make payments on my teeth. Because did I mention the $9.10? Seriously, I think I'm going to have to go sell some CDs for gas money.

Besides that, R thinks he's found Actor Cop's addy. Apparently he's been calling around to his business manager, et al. He told me today, "After four phone calls and a few not-so-true statements, I found this." Hopefully that will pan out. At this rate, I need the $$. Even if the judge laughs at me and says he doesn't have to pay, I gambled $50 ( the filing fee) to possibly win the $3000 I should be due.

Now that $60 for Salon Personals? I'd like THAT back, please. I need the cash.