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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I have an interview over at the Norton Simon Museum tomorrow. Am I excited? A little. Should I be excited? I don't know. Given that Big Bookseller couldn't pay any less and is currently in the middle of a sales slump ( which means they start slashing hours like a drunk serial killer), the position I applied for in the Museum Store couldn't be any worse. It's 29 hours a week or so, which is excellent, but if they don't pay me more, the drive to Pasadena ( a good 30 minutes away) isn't going to pay for itself, nor make the damned difference between working there or working in the bookstore.

Except at the Norton Simon, there is no Dil. There is no stupid, stupid KIDS section and if I tell someone not to put their coffee cup on something, it's in an environment that could get them kicked out if they did it anyway. *Sigh* I always did like telling people not to touch stuff and don't lean against the wall, and IS THAT GUM?!?!?! when I worked at The Saint Louis Art Museum.

Then again, THERE I was a tour guide, a DOCENT (yes, look it up kids! New vocab word!), with security clearance and respect and shit. I even had a laminated name badge with my picture on it. (Now I still have a laminated name badge, but it doesn't have my picture on it. It has a picture of a cappuccino on it. Don't ask. ). And what fresh hell of a manager for the gift shop in a museum is there? Is he a frustrated painter, underpaid middle manager, social-climbing wannabe, or all of the above, or.....WORSE??

I guess I'll tell you all about it after I meet him tomorrow. Right now, I've got to go shave my legs for the occasion. Wish me well, cats and kits.......

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And Sassy throws her two cents in, better said than I could put it:

I agree that on the surface, it looks like Jessica ought to just suck it up and be "a team player" or whatever BS they sell that idea with now. But in my experience, she's absolutely right in that if she didn't make a stink about it Right. Now, she would forever be pigeonholed into the one singular task in the whole store she hates the most. Scheduling in a place like that very much relies on the "squeaky wheel" theory, not on what's equitable or predictable. Part of that is because no one has the same schedule--some work one or two days a week, others 5, some work 4 hr shifts, others 6 or 8 or anywhere in between. Because of that, even if it were possible to rotate everyone through different areas on an equitable basis, it wouldn't SEEM that way to the co-workers who didn't witness your assignment to the Crap Job the last time you had it, etc.

I was stuck in the fitting room at Congo Democratic Clothes ( yes, duh, it's a psuedonymn!) every shift for 8 months straight. At first I didn't mind. Then I *did* mind, but couldn't convince anyone with the power to change it that it was worth their attention. Then finally I pitched a shit-fit-hissy and told them I was going to quit if they kept sticking me there. Suddenly it was, "Gee, I didn't know you felt that way. You're so good at it, we thought you liked it there." I'd only been complaining for months--it took a completely inappropriate emotional outburst to get the point across. My issue, aside from the fact that it was mind-numbingly boring and repetitive, was that people at the registers have the opportunity to earn bonuses (getting credit card applications), and I was completely shut out of that opportunity in the fitting room. THAT is what it took to change their minds.

In Jessica's case, Kids is the crap job. Nobody wants to work there. It would be another thing if everyone had to do a shift there on a regular basis, but that's not how it was--only women were forced to do it. I'd have pitched a royal fit about that, too. Besides, maybe the Lord of the Flies atmosphere in that section would change if they put some male employees back there--sort of an Alpha Dog presence to keep things under control.

Ex. Frickin'. Xactly, Sassy. Exfrickin'xactly! ARDDDGRGHGGH!

In response to my last post, I've had some Devil's-Advocate bluntness thrown my way. I'm a reasonable person, so I admit these are all fair questions. For example:

  • i'm going to be blunt..but what do you expect them to do? retail usually involves being flexible and able to work a variety of positions for the establishment.

  • i agree they should give you another shot at register (perhaps with increased supervision), but it's unrealistic to expect to not be scheduled in kids.
  • you said you hadn't been in there for awhile and then you threw a fit the first time they put you in that section? honestly, suck it up. if you can't handle it, then Bookseller is not the right place to be working.

  • did you have any luck with that museum job?

And to this I respond:

You're going to be blunt, and I'm going to be blunt right back:

  • There's a difference between flexible and being a doormat. I am open and ready and willing to whatever they ask whenever. I'm always one to buck up and pick up extra shifts when people need off, or if people need something. I'm perfectly happy to do it, and I've done it on many occasion when management calls at the last minute needing help. Working in Kids on a regular basis is the ONLY thing I'm not flexible about. I'm flexible about my schedule. I'm flexible about who I work with and duties I'm assigned.
    Working in Kids on a regular basis is the ONLY thing I'm not flexible about. I'm extremely uncomfortable working in Kids, and when they had the chance --even before I got yanked off the registers-- they'd shove me back there because I was a woman. Before I spoke up, I was getting there every damned weekend, which was nightmare.

  • Basically the bottom line is that I can learn to work around the dyscalculia, I believe. But I didn't get the chance to do so, because my Store manager was flipped out. And now because he's flipped out, and using some rather sketchy business ethics to justify his decision, I highly suspect I'm going to be shoved into a crappy position.
    I honestly would help out in Kids for awhile if I knew that it was short term. But absolutely I am not becoming the solution for That Problem for them. I know it's an easy fix, but I'm not that person. I wish I were-- but I don't have it in me. I really don't. Why? I've explained it before, but I'll summarize again: I don't mind working in Kids on rare or random occasion. But I won't work there on a regular basis. I will not. I cannot. That sounds ridiculous to you, fine. But I have limits, and that's mine. I am not paid a paltry $8 an hour to be a babysitter for 25 kids running around ripping things up, screaming, and being unbelievably ill-behaved while their parents sit and read magazines or just drop them off in there altogether; I am not paid $8 an hour to be the Token Girl when there are 4 males up at Customer Service standing around shooting the shit while I'm busting my ass doing a "female job". And yes, it's viewed that way.

  • I can handle working with the public/retail in alot of ways, and believe me, I do. I bitch here alot, but I keep it together at work, 90% of the time. You wouldn't believe the shit I deal with on any given day. All day. Many, many days. But that department is not one of the ways I can do it and keep my sanity or be a good employee to the company. Period. And yeah, I admit it: I lost my shit and threw a fit because I saw it in my mind as the beginning of what I had feared would happen all along once I found out Hannah was leaving. I'm not saying it was the right thing to do, I'm not even justifying my losing my temper with a manager. ( In my defense, she then lost her shit on me, and had to apologize, too.) The smarter thing to do would have been to do the shift, complain little and keep an eye on how things began to pan out. But thats not how it panned out, and well, shoot me. I'm human.

  • I've heard nothing from MOCA despite my calling HR AND the Education Department and speaking to assistants to get a bead on what might be missing in my resume, if there was someone I could talk in a strictly informational interview, etc. I've been persistant and tenacious to the very edge of annoying with these people, and now I have to let it go.

If I had another choice other than retail, I'd certainly take it right now.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I think it's time to pull the trigger.

I've officially HAD it with my job at Big Bookseller. I have a feeling I'm going to be forced into a position I don't want and have vociferously objected to. That is, if I survive tomorrow with a job still intact.

I've been open about my disdain for the Kids section. It's only gotten worse back there, and up til now, I've not had to deal with it much. Since my original complaint that it was super sexist and I was NOT equipped to manage it well as a person, I have rarely been scheduled back there. Hooray for that.

Mostly, I've been scheduled at the Customer Service Desk, and to do hardcore recovery of the store ( coming in and just cleaning up people's messes, essentially, for 5 hours straight. It's all the same to me....) . Fine with me. I can't ring on the register after that debacle with my Store Manager, so it's really hard for them to schedule me CSD with that in mind, as the CSD position is usually back-up ringng. So far, my ASM Mal has had my back.

Except NOW, Mal is leaving to go back to school in a month or two, and so much for that. I might have more faith in the remaining managers to schedule things fairly, except NOW Hannah, our Kids Lead, is ALSO leaving to move back home. Our main girl , (Nina) who covers for her has had it with the company and is quitting. This means there's a big lack of Kids coverage.

I should probably explain that employees who work in Kids don't ring at all. They're sort of in their own little world back at the back of the store.

The running dialogue in my head for the past few days has been "Gosh, wouldn't that be a dreamy place to stick Jessica, since Dil won't let her ring, and we need coverage? Who cares that she can't hack it? Besides, maybe she'll just up and quit and that will be a PITA out of our hair."
I tried to be optimistic, but tonight I walked in and guess what? I was scheduled in Kids.

Which resulted in a big throw down with a lower level ASM and my almost punching out to go home, and her promising to talk to Dil about registers and ONCE again, pointing out to him the stupidity of his original decision to pull me off of them prematurely. Since he's been talked to TWICE by both Mal and myself already, ( we got new systems and everyone was being trained on them , and Mal and I saw this as an opportunity to talk to him) and he REFUSED, I doubt it's going to work.

Plus, I think once Dil hears about this big altercation last night he's going to have a meltdown and threaten to fire me anyway. He's been on this trip with a number of employees he sees as "problem" employees-- threatening them, letting them know he's got his eye on them, that he has them in his sights. He hasn't threatened me yet, but I suspect he will NOW, if not cut his losses right away.

I'm thinking it's time to call the corporate hotline. We have this 1-800-WE-LISTEN hotline that we are encourage to call any time we think we're getting unfair treatment. I've been so tempted in the past to call it after this whole disability/register nightmare, but I thought I'd give the man some time to rectify it. Now I'm just too scared to wait to see what will even happen, and that's ENOUGH for me to call it because of that feeling alone.

I don't know what will happen. I'd been thinking lately, in light of the Hannah/Mal departure that a transfer to a smaller, less busy store would be the ideal solution for everyone. I could, conceivably, be given another shot at the registers in a less crazy situation and even if that fails, both smaller, quieter stores that we have do NOT have store a huge day-care like Kids section to run. I think I could conceivably be successful in that scenario.

Plus, I'd be FREE from Dil, and the constant worry of his threats, (which frankly aren't right. While I guess he could argue they constitute a "verbal warning", they sound more like a pushy verbal attack that is meant to encourage said "problem" employees to quit. ).

I don't know if that's an option, if there's room at the other stores for a transfer employee. There should be, but no guarantees. And I don't know what the corporate hotline will advise, but I DO know they will likely have a sit down with Dil after this, even though it's supposed to be anonymous. ( I was informed if it was related to a specific incident, the manager in quesiton would have to be notified and talked to.). That's fine, I guess, I but I worry about THAT too, and all the ruckus it will make. Another reason I've delayed the call: the ruckus and the resulting alienation from other managment and the possible repurcussions from The Bulldog himself.

I see now perhaps I should have acted sooner, because I'm going to come off as a whiner and brat, and the whole thing's going to be a mess much larger than ever before. On the other hand, I could get my ass transferred out into something way better. It's a much bigger gamble now than it ever has been.


Not sure what to do, how to feel. I would just fucking quit but my current attempts to even get a supplementary job have not been at all successful and I need this one so I can get insurance and get off the dole. I'm trying to at least make an attempt at a normal life without government assistance, dammit. I just didn't think it was going to cost me my nerves.

Argh. Argh. ARGH.

Friday, August 15, 2008

And while I'm thinking about it....

Here are two things you should never do to your friendly Customer Service Booksellers:

1.) DO NOT come into the store with no title and a scribbled author's name, which you're not certain you spelled correctly or how to pronounce, and tell me , "I have no idea what it is, I'm buying it as a gift." Buying it as a gift means nothing to me, as I don't care if you're buying it to use to line your hamster cage. It also doesn't make me any more motivated to help you, because you've given me nothing to work with. I am not Sherlock Holmes, although when given a challenge I do like to rise to the occasion. But recognize here that what you have given me in an instance such as this is NOT a challenge, but rather, an impossible conundrum. To wit:

Guy: I'm here to buy James M. Fry's new novel.
Me: Hm. I'm not sure I've heard of him. Let me look it up.
( I enter the name into our database. Nothing.)
Me: No, there isn't an author named James M. Fry listed here, and if his novel was new, I'm sure it would be. There's a James FREY ( prounouncing it "fray" like it's supposed to be pronounced)who has a new novel out. Is it that, perhaps?
Guy: ( shrugging like he could give a shit less) Could be.
Me: Do you have a title?
Guy: No.
Me: Do you have a topic, an idea as to what the book is about?
Guy: (irritated, as if I'm asking him too many questions ) NO. This is a gift, I don't know anything about it.
(Guy's Wife shows up.)
Me: Do YOU know anything about the book you're looking for?
Wife: Sure. It's by James Fry. F-R-E-Y.
Me: I was thinking that. There is a James Frey ( again, pronouncing "fray", as is correct) who has a new novel.
Wife: No. James FRY. James M. Fry, to be exact. He wrote a book on screenwriting, and now he has a novel.
( I look this up.)
Me: There is indeed a James FRY who has written on screenwriting. But he has no new novel. He has a recent non-fiction book about a psychic that came out in May.
Wife ( Looking at me like I'm an idiot) There's no James M. Fry?
Me: Apparently not. I'd lay money on this James Fry guy with the non-fiction book or the James Frey. Why don't I SHOW you the James Frey?
( I go get it)
This is the guy who wrote "A Million Little Pieces"? It was autobiographical but it was later discovered that some of it was false? He was on Oprah?
Wife: I remember that. ( Picks up book.) But is this a NEW novel?
Me: Yes.

However, this isn't good enough and we go back to the computer and REPEAT the entire sequence of events. Because, essentially, I am an idiot who works retail, knows nothing about books, even though THEY came in with essentially NO information and are becoming more and more irascible as I am unable to assist them. So finally:

Wife: (*sighing irritably*) I guess we'll have to CALL his WIFE and ask her. It's supposed to be a gift. (Glaring at me).
Me: (smiling pleasantly). If you find out more information, I'm happy to help.
( She looks at me like she'd rather let me give her a home perm than come back for help).

CUT TO: 30 minutes later, the couple is standing in line. With what? The James FREY book. I can't resist rubbing it in.

Me: (calling to them) Oh, so you found something! Was that the book?
Wife ( through gritted teeth): Yeah, this was it.

Yeah, I thought so. You thankless imbeciles.

2.) DO NOT come up to my desk and tell me you need a book on a certain topic, ( and then give me your life's story as to why and what you plan to do with the information ) and you had heard of one that seemed suitable ,but you left that scrap of paper at home and you're not sure what it is, and then when I try to find you ANYTHING comparable, get mad at me because I am not giving you the EXACT book you had in mind.

Woman: I want to sell some books on eBay. I had a title that I wrote down and I don't have it with me. I was just over at Macy's and I thought I'd stop in. It was a yellow book. I don't have the author, either. Do you have any books about selling books on eBay?
Me: Uh, well. That's really specific. I believe we have books about selling in general on eBay, would you like to see those?
Woman: (begrudgingly) Okay.
(I take her to the section)
Me: This is all about ECommerce. See? Several books on eBay, eBay for Dummies, stuff to get you going.
Woman: This is IT?
Me: Well, it's not so little. I'd imagine you'd find something useful.
Woman: You don't have anything on selling books on eBay?
Me: Not that I'm aware. When I typed those keywords into my computer I got nothing.
Woman: You don't have computers that CUSTOMERS can use, right?
Me: (shaking my head, knowing she thinks I'm an idiot).
Woman: (spying my name badge) What's your name?
Me: Jessica. You know, when you get home, why don't you give us a call and give us the information? We'd be happy to try and track it down.
Her: Yeah, right. But I'm here NOW.

Like, what the HELL am I supposed to do about THAT? You wandered in here unprepared, and, by your own admission, not having planned to, with NOTHING. I realize you're "HERE NOW", and while I'm trying to take advantage of that and sell you something anyway, you're obviously displeased with the choices. I cannot make the book you want magically appear, nor can I alleve you of your need to actually GIVE me information to assist you. And, as in the other case, your telling me you great need for this book or sob story or WHATEVER isn't going to make the book appear either. I suppose you feel it should motivate me somehow into trying harder, but it really doesn't make any difference, because a.) I work hard all day for everyone and b.) frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn.

Here's the bottom line, people:
The world is not in service to your idiosyncratic needs and your particular circumstances. Yes, sometimes, rare things occur where the stars align and your needs can be met without much effort on your part other than showing up. But this is NOT generally how life works. Why? Because, contrary to your delusional thinking, the world does not revolve around YOU.
And believe it or not, I cannot make exceptions to the Laws of Science. I cannot read your mind, I cannot make what you want materialize when you want it. Finally, I cannot-- REPEAT-- CANNOT be expected to stop the world from spinning, customers from lining up, prices to lower to your budget, or publishers to do your bidding while I am trotting around like a trained pony in your every service.

In other words:
Get over yourself! Remember you live in a world with other people, and are sharing resources, including time and energy from people who are trying to help you. And fucking make an effort; don't be so helpless and lazy, and expect everything to handed to you on a platter. Finally, be nice for a change. It won't kill you.

Sometimes I think everyone needs to go back to childhood and relearn basic manners and tenets of reality. Because they sure aren't using them around here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Taking up where Sassy left off, dealing with The Great Unwashed in retail. It's totally working my last nerve.

I spent the entire day both Saturday and Sunday being misanthropic and only semi-polite to customers. I know- I gotten written up for this a month and a half ago, but those days.....those days were days that would have had a saint reaching for a flamethrower. They were the days I coulda sworn there must have been an invisible placard outside advertising we were serving The Extra Stupid Special with a Side of Helpless Sauce.

To wit:

Girl: I want a book like the movie "Juno"
Me: ( thinking: "right, 'cause I know ALL the books in here about teen pregnancy!!" Nonetheless,I go to a computer to try valiantly.) Okay, do you want fiction or non-fiction?
Girl's dad: Fiction is....true stories?
Me: uh, no. Fiction is not true. Non-fiction is real life.
Girl's dad: I always get those two mixed up.

Yeah, so did I, when I was in 1st grade!! And said to me with a straight face, with Bluetooth in his ear, and a 14 year old daughter whom I couldn't tell was pregnant or not. The idea that he bred was really the worst of it.

Me: (showing a customer something) we go down this aisle, and there's more of....OH MY GOD!!!
(Woman is on floor with every. Single. Nursing flip book ( little 3" X 5" cards on a spiral binder; we have a million of them) on the floor in the aisle. Plus, she has a baby in a stroller who is starting to fuss and wants to go home; baby is also blocking aisle.): Oh! I'll clean them all up!! I promise!!
Me: That. Um. That would be good.
( I finish with the original customer and go back up to the Customer Service Desk. She's there, wanting to know WHICH ONE is the "best" one, but thankfully harassing someone else-- like we know a goddamned thing about nursing. Baby, BTW is now in full on crying mode, soon to progress to Full-On Meltdown, I can tell.)
Beck ( a coworker): ( shooting me a look, speaking under breath) Oh. My. God.
Me: I know.
Beck: No you don't. This is the third time she's been up here.

I swear I'm never letting another nurse in this state get near me. I've met all the potentials and they're as dumb as a box of rocks, collectively.

Mom: ( heavy accent): We need a book called "The Pilgrim at Ticking Creek".
Daughter: No! ( no accent) It's "Tinking Creek".
Me: Well, I need one or the other to attempt a search ( again, because I'm psychic and know ALL books everywhere).
Mom: You have it. It's "ticking"
Me: t-i-c-k.
Mom: Yes.
Daughter: No, it's "tinker", with an "n".
No, it's not.
Daughter: YES, it IS!!!
Me: (sensing some sort of MyMother/Myself confrontation turning into a "Who's On first?, The Literary Version" --with the added twist of an easily misunderstood accent just to jazz things up-- for me, I grit my teeth and try to nip this in the bud): Ladies, I need to have a clearer title or I can't help.
Mom: YOU HAVE IT!!! It's tink! With an N! T-i-n-k-!!!
Daughter: Yes, "ticker." t-i-c-ker?
Me: OOKAY. Is it with an n or a c?
Mom: an N!!!
( I go with that. I find the book. It's 'The Pilgrim at TINKER Creek, thankyouverymuch.)
Me: Oh, it's "The Pilgrim of Tinker Creek". (Smiling, trying to defuse tension.)
(I go get book)
Mom to Daughter: Sheesh. I can't believe that took so long.

That plus a few "Why isn't "Breaking Dawn" in paperback???" whiners :
( Me: Because it's brand new.
Them: (blank look).
Me: know, when a book first comes out, it's in hardback? Then it goes to paperback?
(**Crickets chirping** )
Me: ( Trying to be patient, because some people don't know this.) Because it's all about sales. And that's how books are published.
Them: (silence).
Me: So it won't be out for another year, probably.
Them : ( pause) So you don't have it?
Me: ( Trying not to stick a pencil in my eye) :That would be a fair assumption, yes. )

and I was good to go over the edge by 3pm. That's when I went to the ladies room and was accosted by a stench so foul I could barely stand it. I reported this to my manager who told me to go back in there and see what it was.

Me: No.
Her: Whaddya mean no?
Me: NO.
Her: NO!?!?!
Me: I'm not doing it.
Her: Jessica, we are all in charge of the bathrooms. You don't have to clean it up.
(I turn on my heel inspect the bathroom, find a disgusting mess I will not describe, and report it to her. I'll give you any money that if I had NOT been such a brat before I assessed the damage, I WOULD have had to clean it up. But as Cherry said when I told her the story, "They dont pay me enough to be a janitor or a babysitter." Well said.)

Speaking of Cherry, I've made friends her, and she moved in with me on Fri-- temporarily-- she's seperated from her husband and they're in therapy trying to work it out ( he was stop-lossed to Iraq awhile back and hasn't been the same since. It got so bad that he was doing nothing but playing Worlds of Warcraft all day, not working, and not talking. She tried to get him help and them help before she left but it took her actually leaving to get him to come around. Sad, but things are slowly improving. ) She's paying a little $$ so it helps me too.

She has, however, a female cat, roughly the same age as Angel named KiKi. KiKi is highly strung from moving around all the time because Cherry and husband Ivan have with the military sitch, plus now twice since Cherry left Ivan trying to find places to stay ( she goes to school and works two jobs and is trying to save money in case her marriage tanks. She's not home very much, either, so it's senseless for her to be paying $900 a month to live somewhere).

At first I kept them seperate for a couple of days; I moved Angel's food in my BR and his litterbox is near that anyway, and KiKi's stuff was with Cherry's in the LR. Yesterday I moved Angel's food back to it's regular spot, and he hid in the BR anyway. ( KiKi's quite the mouthy little badass, hissing from under the table). Today Angel decided it was HIS house, and he was going to sit in the window if he wanted to, dammit, and there was much hissing and staring down on both sides.

I'm wondering how long this will go on, as I've never had this happen before; then again, I've never moved two adult cats in with each other. I think KiKi's totally going to try and take him in a smackdown, but she's half his size, and Angel is prone to attacking from above and by surprise.
I'm also wondering if it shows a complete lack of morals to get it on video so I can become a YouTube sensation. If it becomes popular, do I get any money? I so need money. Or another job. Or SOMETHING.....

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Remember that post I had on July 15, 2006? Sure you do.

Didn't I post the story about that job I had (for one day-- and then bolted outta there) at the house I KNEW was haunted? I know I did. To recap:

It's a crazy story. I didn't know it was haunted when I TOOK the job, and I really liked the lady, but when I got in the house, my little 6th sense just kept yelling "get out, get out, GET OUT". I decided maybe I was nervous, and ignored it, and then started to feel like I was going to throw up, and after a full chant of "GET OUT NOW" in my head I finally said, "Excuse me, I think we need to go outside. I'm feeling a little weird and need some fresh air."

For some reason I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that something BAD had happened there. I didn't say anything to her, and but she sort of got the inkling I wasn't just needing a Pepto Bismal, so she said, "You're not the first person. I think there's a ghost in there. So and So thinks so, and blah blah blah happened...." til it's like an episode of "Medium" or something.

Pretty soon I just said, "You know what? This is none of my business, and I don't know how I know these things, but I really, really think something BAD happened here. I trust my gut. I mean, like REALLY BAD, and they're buried under the house bad."

Surprisingly, she wasn't fazed by that. I quit the next day and she took it hard, but I told the friend who had referred me to her, "Tell her I'm really sorry again. And tell her to MOVE." I figured, "Ah, what the hell. I'd rather be known as a nutcase than work there. And if I'm making it up in my head, well, so be it. I'll tell the shrink next time I see her."


Cut to now, 2 years later almost exactly. I ran into this friend ( Debra) again recently, and she stopped me and said, "Jessica! I'm so glad I ran into you! I wanted to tell you: Keely was at a conference with me and this woman came up and tapped her on the shoulder. She said, 'You're Keely_________, aren't you? You live in the house out in ______. Wow. You know, there were some little girls murdered in that house. Cops think they're buried underneath it. ' I wanted to tell you, Jessica, because I know you felt really bad about leaving Keely, but she moved finally, and you did the right thing."

Cut to me with my jaw hanging open. I stuttered something like, "Well, uh, I'm really glad she moved. That's for the best, I think, don't you?" And me shaking my head, like, WTF?

In summation to this interesting tidbit of news, I offer: 1.) always listen to your gut and 2.) don't hang around where you're not wanted!!

Shows to go ya, I say. :)